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ART as Language

Science is starting to confirm what the Masters knew and every person that has  ever been confronted with a strong image either soft and cuddly or deeply gruesome, knows. ART is a language.

Art has the capacity when designed and applied with forethought to convey a whole host of feelings and ideas simply by being in the sightline of the viewer – even with the viewer unaware.

The impact can be so strong, so visceral, grown men will weep at the site of a Michelangelo.  Children cry at the site of clowns. Women will fall in love.

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Evidence Based ART |New York endeavors to curate artwork by design to evoke a specific physical, emotional and/or psychological response by the viewer. Using the research and findings of neuroaesthetics to inform decisions; artwork is chosen for the aesthetic value as well as the potential ability of the piece to assist in influencing the viewer based on their perceptions and interpretations. Care is taken that the work is always appropriate to the environment and is positive in nature.



NeuroAesthetics – Where science, medicine and art converge.

Nobel Prize winning Neuropsychiatrist Eric Kandal spent decades researching the effect of ART on the human brain.
His book,  The Age of Insight: The Quest to Understand the Unconscious in Art, Mind, and Brain speaks directly to what we all instinctively know, art evokes emotion.


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Harnessing that emotion in such places as corporate, academic and healthcare environments to encourage and support employees and comfort patients and family is the foundation of Evidence Based ART™ | NewYork. Supporting staff by creating beauty within an otherwise stressful work environment and by building community with the artwork by local art and artists , whenever possible, makes Evidence Based ART™ | New York unique in the art house world.   

ART Advocate

Advocating for the precise use of ART in healthcare, the workplace, and in public space is always an exciting adventure.
Whether you are Facilities Director, Marketing Manager, Foundations Director or Artist, seeing you space transformed with light, color, texture and content is a journey you don’t want to miss.

The transformations in the environment and the people that live and work there can be extraordinary.

Welcome to the journey.


Evidence-Based ART

Evidence-Based Art,  as defined by The Center for Health Design, is  exclusively related to artwork selected within specific parameters that are conducive to the needs within the healthcare community as a component of the greater field of study known as Evidence-Based Design.  Healthcare is only one area of service provided by Evidence Based ART | New York.  Additional markets include corporate, academic, not-for-profit and government institutions.
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